Thursday, 24 September 2009

Monday, 7 September 2009

wireframe Annonations

Functional annonations

1 Links to home of Particular topics on the page.
2 Login Module: - Submit the user detail that include user information line user name and password or to resubmit the page if there is error.
3 Submit button for submitting the page
4 Links to forgotten password page
5 Links to signup page where interested people can sign up for the course by filling up the form.
6 Radio button to select between the gender
7 Cancel button to cancel the form

content Annonations

a. Space for branding space
b. Picture gives visual identity for the course
c. Copyright and other legal information


ideas about financing/promoting the operation

Foloowing methods could be used to promote the operation:
  • google ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Baner ads is quite expensive but are efective in many cases
  • Email signatures:- E-mail signatures can prove to be a very useful website promotion tool that produces great results compared to the effort required to use it.
  • By listing the site to faceboook where million of useers visit the site everyday

step by step of the persona using the system

Davina, student who is interested to learn how to make pineapple take step by step process to register for the course.

  1. Davina , opens up a new window to check her email on yahoo.
  2. she enters her account information and then sign up for her account.
  3. when she finish checking her mail, she then opens a google window and then tries to look for information about making apple pie.
  4. on the right hand side , she find a course where teacher offer a course for making apple pie the next month.
  5. She check her schedule for work and find out that she is off on the following date.
  6. Davina reads the information about the course and she becomes more interested.
  7. Davina , sign up for the course via a form Sign up form and register for the course by a method called Register for the course.
  8. The system checks to make sure that all the information has been filled out ,if not error message will be displayed and then user will have to fill up the information again.
  9. she closes the window.
  10. Then system register for the course.

Primary Persona

Demographics for Primary Persona/user

Student Name :-Davina Bridgeman
Age:- 25
Martial Status:-single
Income:-7000 dkk
Education:Ap degree in multimedai designer
Hobbies:-Cooking (especailly making cakes and deserst )