Monday, 7 September 2009

step by step of the persona using the system

Davina, student who is interested to learn how to make pineapple take step by step process to register for the course.

  1. Davina , opens up a new window to check her email on yahoo.
  2. she enters her account information and then sign up for her account.
  3. when she finish checking her mail, she then opens a google window and then tries to look for information about making apple pie.
  4. on the right hand side , she find a course where teacher offer a course for making apple pie the next month.
  5. She check her schedule for work and find out that she is off on the following date.
  6. Davina reads the information about the course and she becomes more interested.
  7. Davina , sign up for the course via a form Sign up form and register for the course by a method called Register for the course.
  8. The system checks to make sure that all the information has been filled out ,if not error message will be displayed and then user will have to fill up the information again.
  9. she closes the window.
  10. Then system register for the course.

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